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Ian Southerin • Location Photography Chester & London

Working with clients of all sizes, from multinationals to individuals, advertising agencies and design studios, Location Photography undertakes corporate commissions of all kinds from all over the UK and Europe. All these clients have one thing in common, they care about the image they project to their clients and they know that quality photography is an investment, which pays dividends for years after the shoot.

Location Photography is aptly named – with a base in London and Cheshire,  we are ideally located. Travelling is often key to what we do, capturing stories from all over the globe.

At the heart of Location Photography is quietly acclaimed photographer Ian Southerin. Ian has a ‘canny’ way of working quickly and unassumingly.

“It’s about curiosity – working out what makes someone tick or what makes a brand unique. This information is key to getting to the heart of a project and creating the images that really make a difference.”

Ian is renowned for capturing natural expressions in natural environments – the images that tell the authentic story.

Some of our friends, clients, family, momentous events and things we like doing besides photography…….



Recently Ian has started to discover the moving image. As a relative newcomer to making films Ian is using his interpretative and creative skills learned as a stills photographer to become a successful film maker. Ian says “my initial zest for films is in small, yet gorgeously produced productions”.